on request

I attended the Emma-Gaala (Finnish Grammys) afterparty with a bunch of my lovely ladies last Friday.


The Friday night official mirror selfie with the loveliest Isa and Sonja.

I got a lot of inquieries and questions about my chosen dress for the night so here are the details!

My gold shimmering kimono styled (with a peek-a-boo back detail) dress is from H&M‘s Conscious Exclusive Collection and will be in stores shortly. It’s such a pretty piece, sigh!!
Shoes are also from H&M, from their spring collection, and they are the comfiest heels I’ve had on in a while. (Note that they are the perfect heels from day to night!)
With the jewellery I opted for gold (love gold!) and chose hoops and a ring from Thomas Sabo‘s selection.



Thank you Saara for the invite and such a great night. Safe travels back to LA, gonna miss you!!

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charm rose intense

I can’t keep this only to myself!
I’ve been trying to find a new perfume for myself for ages. Been going through my old favorites, been open minded and tried new ones but nothing quite hit me…
Untill I went to check some new things at Spalt Showroom and accidentally spritzed some Thomas Sabo perfume on me and boy oh boy how I liked it!! The perfume is called Charm Rose Intense.
It’s a rose scent, so powdery and soft and still so fresh and I wanted to take it home immeadetely. You can’t buy it from Finland, unfortunately, but Internet never fails so I ordered some online. Not letting go of this one for a looooong time!!!!


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