trés chic

As you’ve probably have noticed, I’ve been running around this past summer in my beloved Superga sneakers and been perfectly happy and carefree while doing so.
Then, as I got invited to various Helsinki Fashion Weekend events, it hit me… I needed some serious variation to my monotone footwear, something in the middle of sneakers and high heels.
I remembered spotting a nice pair of ballerinas a la French chic at Zara, crossed my fingers and hoped they still had them in the store.
And they did!! And it made me so happy as I felt trés chic and carefree again!


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some things…

… that have caught my eyes lately:

Marc Jacobs’ sequin dress


Earrings from Asos


Heels from Zara


Superga love continues…


Coin purse from H&M


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august 1st

While running errands in the city I had some time to pose with Moomin and have Miika Saksi to take our picture.


My outfit consists of Zara, Burberry, Superga, Balenciaga and some strawberries in my hand.

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