sara muesa

Sara Muesa is a brilliant up-and-coming jewellery designer who also makes beautiful decorative items using copper.

I love her not-so-conventional way of thinking and designing, all of them have an air of freshness.

Been admiring her designs for quite some time now and recently just had to order this most amazing hand & custommade copper flowergarland.


Her jewellery line includes collections named “Bite Me”:



And “Buffalo Skull”:



Needless to say her biggest inspiration is the nature and she has a sweet spot for flowers. That tiny rose ear cuff is on my current wish list…



In addition to all these beautiful things, Sara is one of sweetest people I know. Follow her on instagram and don’t hesitate to contact her for more information on her email;

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happy things

Here’s three things that make me happy these days:


1. Up-and-coming jewellery designer Sara Muesa‘s sharkteeth necklace from her “Bite Me” collection.

2. New perfume Miss Dior.

3. Pretty pastel pearl earrings I got from Iran from my auntie.

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