rolling with my homies #2

So as you might have heard the infamous bar We Got Beef is celebrating it’s 10th birthday. The great mastermind behind the success of the bar is no doubt mr. Sacha Remling.
Here he is for Rolling with My Homies #2:



What’s on my ipod on repeat?
Don’t have one. Strictly vinyl. Lately I’ve been spinning a lot of Rocket From The Crypt records.

No regrets.

Guilty pleasure…
I’m ok with all pleasures. No guilt.

The randomest thing in my bag…
The only bag I carry around is my hockey equipment bag. No randomness in that bag though.

Never leave the crib…
Without my keys & cash.

I’m currently being inspired by…
Currently inspired by the sun, sports, cool people around me (wink wink) and and Valpuri.

Fave website…

Busy doing…
The absolutely best that I can to make the We Got Beef 10-yrs anniversary party go smoothly.


Happy Birthday WGB!!!!

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