rolling with my homies #8

Time for part #8 on my series!! Woop!!

This time the stage belongs to a very chic friend of mine…

Here’s three hints, have a guess who she might be!

1. She’s a true fashionista and a blogger.

2. Agent Pekka is where she works at as an agent and producer plus she occasionally contributes at Trendi Magazine.

3. She’s one of the coolest moms I know and an overall lover of good taste.

Final guesses in…. Now!!

Yep, you got it. She’s PETRA KOIVISTO!!


Here she goes with my questions:

What’s on my ipod on repeat?
-This is a boring answer to start with but Happy by Pharrell, STILL!

-Just do it (and do it well)!

Guilty pleasure:
-Swedish Hollywood housewives and Vestiaire collective or eBay in the late hours after a bit of prosecco…

The randomest thing in my bag:
-A pacifier?

Never leave the crib…
-iPhone, keys & looking into mirror

I’m currently being inspired by…
-play (with patterns, with colors, with materials & with my daugther)

Fave website:
-Vestiaire collective, eBay and tumblr-jungle and my own blog of course, ha!

Busy doing….
-Busy making magic happen!


A selfie with Petra and her sweet daughter from last fall at the Me Naiset Magazine’s Fashion Show.

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efva attling

Last Thursday I got to celebrate jewelry designer Efva Attling’s 10 year milestone birthday in Finland.
All the strong women I look up to wear her designs so I’ve always thought there must be something special about Efva Attling herself and I was right when I got to meet her the first time that evening. She’s as sweet, beautiful, lovely and talented as I thought and it was a total pleasure to meet her.
The birthday party was such great fun with my friends Petra, Vesa, Vivan and Salli. As a special treat Efva had arranged her partner Eva Dahlgren to perform a couple of her beautiful songs for us as a surprise. I had forgotten how mesmerizing Dahlgren’s songs were, definetely going to put those lovely songs on my playlist.

1. Our little fashion crowd! Love this picture of Petra, Vivan, Salli, Vesa and me. We all wore something Efva had designed. I had the earrings and amazing bracelet from the Miss Butterfly Collection.

2. Vivan and me goofing around, busted by the super photographer Pekka Mustonen.

3. As you can see the guests got to go home with a goodie bag. I teamed the bag for this shot with the Miss Butterflies so you can see them better.

4. The treat! A beautiful bracelet “Efva Attling 10″. Sweeeet!!

Happy Birthday once more Efva Attling!! Thank you for the lovely evening!!





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