makiash / cosmo red

My current favorite nailpolish. Love this hue, perfect mix of red and pink that goes with sunny days like no other. The quality is topnotch, stays on for days without chipping!


Makiash nailpolish in Cosmo Red.

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travel essentials

Been getting lots of questions about my travel essentials lately…

I travel quite a bit and usually for work so I like to pack lightly and usually opt for only handbaggage for smooth transitions from airports to studio/hotel.

Here is what you’ll usually find in my bag:


1. I always have sunglasses in my bag. These nude glittery (you can shine in nudes, too, not only in metallics and bright colors!) ones are Jimmy Choo for Carrera.

2. Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream (this one is the fragrance free one) is perfect on the plane preventing my lips and cuticles from drying out.

3. PASSPORT!! I r-a-r-e-l-y leave the house without my beloved passport. You never know how your day might change!!
Love my minty green passport cover from Aspinal of London… It has seen soooo many travels, hihi.

4. With a little tweak here and there you can go from casual to evening chic. That said I usually have some statement jewelry with me to attend work related events and dinners after castings/work day. These sparkly danglers are a find from New York City while having a shopping mania with the one and only Claudia Cifu.

5. While doing castings and working, a model should always arrive to appointments au natural (with natural hair and make-up). That’s why Pantene’s Instant Nourishing Spray is perfect for my hair. The spray leaves it natural but polished so my hair’s easily styled at work. It also smells amazing, let me tell you!!

6. I just love how little things really can make a difference. In my opinion a good manicure finishes the outfit so I like to paint my nails for dinners etc. to add a bit more done up look after running around the whole day. Essie’s Red is a classic and a sure fool proof glamourfier.

Do you have any similar travel-must-haves to mine?

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Pink is the perfect summer color and that’s why I have been sporting my new Butter nailpolish called Cake-hole every given chance this season!
Goes beautifully with everything and makes you smile, a killer combo I’d say!


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mystery package

I got a letter saying that I have a package waiting at the post office. Wasn’t expecting anything so suddenly it felt like Christmas and I decided to run to the post office right away.
It took max ten minutes to get there but already my mind was flooded with questionmarks and I even got jumpy of the excitement.
Waited in the line at the post office and finally I got this black, mysterious package in my hands. I was baffled, what would I find inside, who sent this to me?!


So I decided to open it right there and right then and look what I got!!!!


A beautiful set of Spring make up news from Kicks!!!! Love it!! Thank you Kicks!! Can’t wait to try out the primer and the chocolatey golden eye shadow. Already put on that Lip Plumper and all I can say is thumbs up, babies, if you know what I mean (wink, wink)!!
But as a total nailpolish addict, I must say that this little darling, called “Sugar Heaven” is my favorite. I’ve told you before how much I like the colors, size and quality of Kicks’ nailpolishes and I’m superexcited for the new spring colors. The other nailpolish in the package is called “Forget Me Not” and I’m gonna try that next… Or mix and match it with “Sugar Heaven”!


Love my spring surprise, thank you so much Kicks!!!!

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april, june & may

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Cannot wait to get my hands on these beautiful new spring hues from Chanel….

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