sara muesa

Sara Muesa is a brilliant up-and-coming jewellery designer who also makes beautiful decorative items using copper.

I love her not-so-conventional way of thinking and designing, all of them have an air of freshness.

Been admiring her designs for quite some time now and recently just had to order this most amazing hand & custommade copper flowergarland.


Her jewellery line includes collections named “Bite Me”:



And “Buffalo Skull”:



Needless to say her biggest inspiration is the nature and she has a sweet spot for flowers. That tiny rose ear cuff is on my current wish list…



In addition to all these beautiful things, Sara is one of sweetest people I know. Follow her on instagram and don’t hesitate to contact her for more information on her email;

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new in

Whoa, it’s official!! It’s spring time for real!! Love the light and the longer days, sun rays and the fresh spring wind.
And amazingly, surprisingly, my wardrobe seems to get lighter and more fun since I don’t need to add a million layers to every outfit in order to keep myself warm.

Here are my favorites of the moment:


Let’s start from the left:

Love the wash of these Liu Jo jeans. Aaand the little cheeky detail called the bottom up-effect. The jeans are designed so that your tush really gets some extra lift.

Got a pair of Ti Sento Milano sparklers in the pocket. I wish I could wear these beauties all the time.

H&M‘s Spring Collection’s sheer blouse with stars is dreamy enough for both casual and more official wear. I’ve been mix’n’matching it with a miniskirt and jeans (can’t wait for warmer weather for a shorts look too) for all kinds of occasions from morning to night!

Makiash‘s is a brand new brand and I got to try out some of their cosmetics. I’m really picky about my mascara and rarely change it but after of testing this mascara for some time now I can honestly say that I’ve found a new favorite. This one makes your lashes long and voluminous and don’t do the spider legs-effect. I’m gonna post more about the brand later!

I told you earlier I got a lovely surprise from Pantene, remember? I got a couple of new products to test.
This conditioner is from Pantene’s new anti-aging product range and I don’t know how I could possibly more lovingly treat my winter dry hair than with this magic product!! After couple of weeks testing I feel like my split ends have practically gone and my ends feel so much more alive and healthier.

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more earcandy

This time in the form of Delfina Delettrez‘s delicate earrings.
Can’t seem to get enough of pretty jewellery…


My favorite is the golden one in the middle, which one is yours?

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mystery sun & moon

Just found this beautiful set of earrings but can’t seem to find who they are by…


Anyone have an idea?? It would be deeply appreciated!!

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on request

I attended the Emma-Gaala (Finnish Grammys) afterparty with a bunch of my lovely ladies last Friday.


The Friday night official mirror selfie with the loveliest Isa and Sonja.

I got a lot of inquieries and questions about my chosen dress for the night so here are the details!

My gold shimmering kimono styled (with a peek-a-boo back detail) dress is from H&M‘s Conscious Exclusive Collection and will be in stores shortly. It’s such a pretty piece, sigh!!
Shoes are also from H&M, from their spring collection, and they are the comfiest heels I’ve had on in a while. (Note that they are the perfect heels from day to night!)
With the jewellery I opted for gold (love gold!) and chose hoops and a ring from Thomas Sabo‘s selection.



Thank you Saara for the invite and such a great night. Safe travels back to LA, gonna miss you!!

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