rolling with my homies #7

First “Rolling with my Homies” of the year, yihaa!!

This time I put my lovelysweettalented make up artist friend Senay Coco to the hot seat.

I met her at Flow-festival last summer and fastforward a couple of months and ta-daa we were working together on set for Elastinen‘s music video “Uus“. She’s worked with a lot of Finnish artists and talents and has constantly some new cool projects coming out. My friendly advice would be for you guys to keep an eye on her!

Let’s hear it for Senay!!


What’s on my ipod on repeat? MSMR – Secondhand Rapture

Motto: Less is more, more is BETTER

Guilty pleasure:
Home all alone with a big piece of chocolate cake and a good tv-serie.

The randomest thing in my bag: Baby’s dummy and baby´s socks.

Never leave the crib…
without wine, food, blanket & candels.

I’m currently being inspired by… Chanel and Marc Jacobs

Fave website: Vashtie


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uus / elastinen feat. lauri mikkola

A couple of weeks ago we filmed a new music video for Elastinen, the single is called “Uus” featuring Lauri Mikkola.
The video is a sequel for Kerrankin music video and tells a story of a jealous guy stalking his ex-girlfriend and her new beau.
I got to style the video and appear in it too (it was a sequel for “Kerrankin” after all) and I have to say I had so much fun I totally forgot we were actually working superlong days! Rähinä Records and Anatom Pictures, thank you so much and thanks to the lovely Sena for the make up, hair and grooming!

Here’s some behind the scenes pics, s’il vous plait:


The first location was actually my favorite restaurant in Helsinki, Muru.Muru is p.e.r.f.e.c.t for date nights, hence perfect for the video.


Lauri Mikkola wearing a bomber and a hoodie from Weekday and a Kolya Kotov sweatshirt.
I’m wearing a shimmering gold bodycon dress by Lipsy.


On set with Elastinen!


Ela with the Muru chefs (thank you for the superyummy truffle risotto!).


We filmed some driving scenes in the middle of the night on the streets of Helsinki and had this bad boy attached to dashboard of our pretty go-star…


… Mercedez Benz Coupe C63 AMG. OMG so fricking pretty!!!!


Boys getting ready for the lip sync scenes, looking super fine!


Elastinen wearing Kolya Kotov, Lauri Mikkola in Diesel leather jacket and Frenn collar shirt.


Soooooo to make it short, go ahead, click here and see the amazingness!!!! Enjoy!!!!

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kerrankin – the video

Great news!! Elastinen’s new single & music video Kerrankin is out in the open for you all to enjoy!! Click here asap!!!!

Thank you for the whole team for an amazing day!!!!


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kerrankin – the shoot

Here’s a heads-up for all of you!!
Keep your ears and eyes open for the premiere of Elastinen’s new music video “Kerrankin”!!

I got these snaps to share with you guys from the shoot we did a couple of weeks ago. The day was great, a perfect summer’s day, the company awesome, had so much fun and got to drive a sweet Thunderbird. Can’t wait to see the final cut!!




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