Styled Sanni, this beautiful young artist, a little while ago for Iltalehti, photographed by Pasi Liesimaa.


Top: Saints and Mortals/Carlings
Shorts: Broken Arrow/Carlings
Shoes: Vagabond
Necklaces (used around the ankles and as a chain on shorts): Bik Bok
Earrings, ring and bracelet: The Flea Market/The Empire


Shirt: Minkpink/The Empire
Shorts: Gina Tricot
Shoes: Vagabond
Earrings: R/H
Necklace, bracelet & ring: The Flea Market/The Empire


Same as the first outfit, but with an addition of a studded aw14 Diesel leather jacket.

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uniikki feat ike / naiseni mun

Worked with the rap artist Uniikki a couple of weeks back for his new single “Naiseni mun”. Ike (from Voice of Finland) is feating in the song and it was such a fun day working with these two guys!
The first Rähinä Collabo line named RHN REX by Tiia Vanhatapio & Miika Saksi is launched on the video so you can get a sneek peak of what goodies are coming to Rähinä Shop early next year (I’m gonna get my hands on the mesh shorts and the beanie fo sho).


The boys as fashion designers working on some new designs at their studio waiting for models to arrive so they can cast their show.
Uniikki is wearing Alexander Wang, Versace, Petteri Hemmilä, Triwa and Vans.
Ike is sporting Wood Wood, Selected Homme, Diesel, Efva Attling.


A buddy pic with Uniikki!


Ike singing in Prada, Diesel and Armani at the backstage, smoooooth!


Uniikki making high moves in Pyrex and Vans.


Uniikki with the models.


A detail of the RHN REX black-on-black bomber jacket.


Shake it like a polaroid picture!


My lovely assistants minus super Johanna!




The fashion show’s first look…


…and the second…


…plus Uniikki’s finale!

And here you can click to see the real deal!

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uus / elastinen feat. lauri mikkola

A couple of weeks ago we filmed a new music video for Elastinen, the single is called “Uus” featuring Lauri Mikkola.
The video is a sequel for Kerrankin music video and tells a story of a jealous guy stalking his ex-girlfriend and her new beau.
I got to style the video and appear in it too (it was a sequel for “Kerrankin” after all) and I have to say I had so much fun I totally forgot we were actually working superlong days! Rähinä Records and Anatom Pictures, thank you so much and thanks to the lovely Sena for the make up, hair and grooming!

Here’s some behind the scenes pics, s’il vous plait:


The first location was actually my favorite restaurant in Helsinki, Muru.Muru is p.e.r.f.e.c.t for date nights, hence perfect for the video.


Lauri Mikkola wearing a bomber and a hoodie from Weekday and a Kolya Kotov sweatshirt.
I’m wearing a shimmering gold bodycon dress by Lipsy.


On set with Elastinen!


Ela with the Muru chefs (thank you for the superyummy truffle risotto!).


We filmed some driving scenes in the middle of the night on the streets of Helsinki and had this bad boy attached to dashboard of our pretty go-star…


… Mercedez Benz Coupe C63 AMG. OMG so fricking pretty!!!!


Boys getting ready for the lip sync scenes, looking super fine!


Elastinen wearing Kolya Kotov, Lauri Mikkola in Diesel leather jacket and Frenn collar shirt.


Soooooo to make it short, go ahead, click here and see the amazingness!!!! Enjoy!!!!

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