sara muesa

Sara Muesa is a brilliant up-and-coming jewellery designer who also makes beautiful decorative items using copper.

I love her not-so-conventional way of thinking and designing, all of them have an air of freshness.

Been admiring her designs for quite some time now and recently just had to order this most amazing hand & custommade copper flowergarland.


Her jewellery line includes collections named “Bite Me”:



And “Buffalo Skull”:



Needless to say her biggest inspiration is the nature and she has a sweet spot for flowers. That tiny rose ear cuff is on my current wish list…



In addition to all these beautiful things, Sara is one of sweetest people I know. Follow her on instagram and don’t hesitate to contact her for more information on her email;

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rolling with my homies #3

Time for Rolling with my Homies part trois!

This time it’s all about my friend Irene Taen, fashion stylist and a designer, based in London. We’ve worked a lot together and this lady has a killer style head to toe.
She has her own fashion label TTYA, Taller Than Your Average for ladies who are over 180 cm tall. The collection is full of beautiful, practical, feminine pieces and I’m head over heels in love with this piece!
Selfridges, one of my favorite department stores in London, just took TTYA to their instore selection and that in my books is HUGE! So proud of you, Irene, so so proud of you!!!



On my iPod on repeat:
Really into my 90′s rnb at the moment, my friend dj Martelo has some amazing mixes on his sound cloud.

WAYWARD WIZARD call all my mates wizards

Guilty pleasure:

The randomest thing in my bag:
2 iphones

Never leave the crib…
without my iphone charger!!!

I’m currently being inspired by…
All the tall ladies I’m meeting at the moment

Fave website:

Busy doing….
I’ve just launched jersey basics for girls 5’11″ and taller. The collection is available in Selfridges London and online.

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