rolling with my homies #4

Time for Rolling with my Homies #4!
This time it’s all about this beautiful young lady and a collegue of mine; model Anu Koski who’s done an impressive resumé both in Finland and abroad. At this very moment she’s taking over Berlin Fashion Week!



What’s on my ipod on repeat?
* Depeche Mode – Personal Jesus (Stargate mix)

* Let’s make things happen !

Guilty pleasure
* Uh, this is so obvious but I have to say shopping clothes! Who
doesn’t love the feeling when you step outside from the shop and
you’re holding a shopping bag in your hand… something new to wear !
No – seriously I do it too much and always say to myself *Okay this is
last thing I’m buying… no more shopping a while now… as if..”. But
on the other hand when there’s a chance to buy so unique clothes from
abroads like from Tokyo, why not to use the opportunity?

The randomest thing in my bag
* Allergy medicine, like nose spray, eye drops and pills. After my
first trip to Tokyo 2,5 years ago I got really bad allergic reaction
(eyes got super swollen, also half of the face) and ever since I’ve
always had these traveling with me in my bag. Can’t take the risk if
there’s a shooting coming up and my face gets swollen.

Never leave the crib…
* Iphone, wallet, keys and without wearing a watch.

I’m currently being inspired by…
* All the colorful&playful spring/summer clothes in stores, but
usually it always ends up for me to buy something black.

Fave website
* and, both of them are good resourch
to stay updated in this business considering whose who at the moment,
campaigns&editorials etc.

Busy doing….
* Spring plans, about where to travel next… Otherwise I can’t really
do other plans, never know when I have to travel next somewhere or if
there’s a last-minute direct booking for shootings etc.

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