Anna Abreu released her new album V with a big BANG at the infamous Tavastia Club a week ago.





She totally rocked the stage!! Her energy is totally infectious and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. So so proud of you!!

For the gig she wore a denim vest and biker shorts from H&M, a supercool “Push It” crop top from Monki, shorts from Carlings and a selection of jewellery from H&M and Glitter. Shoes of choice were doublesoled Adidas Gazelles.


Here we are with the make&up and hair artist Saara Sarvas, Anna and me excited, posing for a classic Tavastia selfie just moments before the gig!
Love you girls!!

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sparks and kisses

Hey babies!
Hope you all have been good!
It’s been a whirlwind of a week or so, sorry for my absence!!

I got to pop in to one of my favorite cities, London, for work a little while ago. Despite the hectic schedule I luckily got to catch up with one of my goodgoodgoodgood friends, Stevan! He’s in the middle of a ve-ry exciting project and I’m sure you’ll hear more of him soon, mark my words!!
Here we are captured in the London eve:



He’s such a sweetheart! Miss you dearly!!!!

Since it’s officially SPRING TIME (YES YES YES!!!!) here’s a two-part-outfit-of-the-day-lowdown:


Wearing a Zara coat, kissy-lip-knit from Primark (!!), casting bag from Whole Foods.


My supercomfy jeans are from Gina Tricot and talking about comfy, my perfect running-around-in-town-all-day-sneakers are Adidas ZX Fluxs.

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I’m superstoked of my new Adidas ZX Flux sneakers!!
Couldn’t wait for pretty spring weather to wear them so you might have seen me around town skipping the huge snow piles with a big grin on my face since these kicks are so cool, so comfortable and have the most amazing grip I didn’t even slip once on ice!!


L.o.v.e them!!

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I must say djing is a lot of fun. You get to jam to really good music (hihi, obviously), hang out with the bestest crowd and have heaps of fun.
That is what basically happened last Friday when I got to dj as a surprise act with Miika Saksi and Kaapo Kamu at Jalla Jalla.


Selfie with Kaaps.


Cords and shoes.


As we would say in Finnish “säätöö” happened in this picture. Or on another point of view; we tore the place down, yay!!


Selfie with my beloved Miiks.


These guys came to say hi!


Serious business!!

I rocked the gig in my H&M Paris Show Collection faux fur, purple Mango dress and in my pink Adidas sneaks.

For those interested in the Paris Show Collection, go check your nearest H&M out. A little birdie just told me the items are on sale!!

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on my to buy-list

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A super clean no fuss Adidas t-shirt.


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