rolling with my homies #5

This time on “Rolling with my Homies” I wanted to have the little Q&A with my dear friend Vilma P.. As you know from reading my blog, we are model&blogger colleagues, she’s a supertalented photographer and she has energy like no other to research &
plan stuff and make beautiful things happen. She’s also a part of the Finnish Cosmopolitan’s MyCosmo dreamteam and I’m super proud of her.
Couple of weeks ago we both got booked for Kauppalehti Optio’s Gala (Instagram followers, old news for you, hihi) and while waiting for our catwalk time I got to catch up after the summer with this lovely lady and ask her my signature questions for you!!


What’s on my iPod on repeat?
Biffy Clyro. There is not only one song that I listen to, I love them all.

Hmm.. At the moment there is on my fridge door a quote of Oscar Wilde: “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken”. My motto is always the one that inspires me the most at that time.

Guilty pleasure?
I buy new notebooks to write down all my ideas and to do lists etc. almost every week. I have so many beautiful booklets, that most of them are half empty. Not so ecological. And raw chocolate, of course…

The randomest thing in my bag…
There are quite many of these… My friends are actually laughing at me because of this. I carry everything on earth with me: toothbrush, blister bandages, school books, laptop and iPad and camera, healthy snacks, water bottle, hairbrush and hairspray, some makeup, iPhone charger, pens and notebooks etc. I have always a large bag with me. Actually two.

Never leave the crib…

I’m currently being inspired by…
Berlin where I just visited, and especially Helmut Newton whose exhibition I went to see. In addition raw baking, books and change of season..

Fave website?
Pinterest and bloglovin.

Busy doing….
Everything! I currently have a test week in University where I´m studying sociology and theoretical philosophy. Same time I try to blog for MyCosmo, do my other jobs, and have time for my hobbies like photography and sports. I tend to make myself busy…


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One thought on “rolling with my homies #5
  1. Danial on said:

    whole Iran proud in you dear Maryam.
    I tried to find your page in fb to have your updates easier, but I just fund this one.
    sarboland vä shadman bashi :)

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