unicorn bandwagon

Lily Allen and Nicole Richie have both hopped on the unicorn-haircolor-bandwagon.
Lily has done it in an ombré way, dipdyed her dark locks in electric yellow and Nicole has gone all lavender.



I don’t know why but I waa really surprised of Nicole’s new hairdo, eventhoug she has a reputation of a fashion wildchild, but still…
Lily Allen on the other hand, a fellow fashion wildchild as well, rocked the trend in a more subtle and stylish way despite the bright ends…

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marc hearts pippi longstocking

According to Marc by Marc Jacobs the look for Fall Winter 2014 will be a sweet mix of futuristicninjapippilongstocking. Take note.


Pic from Grazia.It Instagram from the backstage of the MBMJ-show.

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happy things

Here’s three things that make me happy these days:


1. Up-and-coming jewellery designer Sara Muesa‘s sharkteeth necklace from her “Bite Me” collection.

2. New perfume Miss Dior.

3. Pretty pastel pearl earrings I got from Iran from my auntie.

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travel essentials

Been getting lots of questions about my travel essentials lately…

I travel quite a bit and usually for work so I like to pack lightly and usually opt for only handbaggage for smooth transitions from airports to studio/hotel.

Here is what you’ll usually find in my bag:


1. I always have sunglasses in my bag. These nude glittery (you can shine in nudes, too, not only in metallics and bright colors!) ones are Jimmy Choo for Carrera.

2. Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream (this one is the fragrance free one) is perfect on the plane preventing my lips and cuticles from drying out.

3. PASSPORT!! I r-a-r-e-l-y leave the house without my beloved passport. You never know how your day might change!!
Love my minty green passport cover from Aspinal of London… It has seen soooo many travels, hihi.

4. With a little tweak here and there you can go from casual to evening chic. That said I usually have some statement jewelry with me to attend work related events and dinners after castings/work day. These sparkly danglers are a find from New York City while having a shopping mania with the one and only Claudia Cifu.

5. While doing castings and working, a model should always arrive to appointments au natural (with natural hair and make-up). That’s why Pantene’s Instant Nourishing Spray is perfect for my hair. The spray leaves it natural but polished so my hair’s easily styled at work. It also smells amazing, let me tell you!!

6. I just love how little things really can make a difference. In my opinion a good manicure finishes the outfit so I like to paint my nails for dinners etc. to add a bit more done up look after running around the whole day. Essie’s Red is a classic and a sure fool proof glamourfier.

Do you have any similar travel-must-haves to mine?

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shine strong

Pantene aired a new “Labels Against Women” campaign video last month only in the Philippines and now it has gone virally global, gained over 7 million viewers and got some very high profile fans as in Sheryl Sandberg, the author of the bestseller book Lean In (which has by the way been on my to-read-list for some time now).
The ad raises questions and conversation about gender inequality which still is, sadly, quite an ongoing battle.
So proud Pantene has the courage to stand up and break the molds and labels to in which women so stereotypically have been put and I am very proud to represent such a brand.
Click here to see the thoughtprovoking ad with your own eyes.
And whenever you feel like you have achieved your own power moment and feel like sharing it in social media hastag it with #ShineStrong. Let’s make a difference!!

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